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Solar powered shed

Now with 20% more science

DVD's locked

When self checking out DVD's at Big W, don't forget to unlock them...

Empty freezer

Door didn't close last night and the inside light warmed everything....and we only filled it up yesterday with food :(

Online shopping

Where each item comes in it's own plastic bag (and the ACT banned them last month)

Christmas tree

This is the first time in my life I put up a Christmas tree...

I got some Buckyballs

Now I have to get them back into their original shape..

Lawn mowing

It was the first time in a while that the weekend wasn't raining and we were home.

Ninjabread house

A friend of ours made this for us.

Mum's 60th

Setting up for Mum's afternoon tea

Chromium OS

Trying it out on an old Dell laptop (D620) that I got yesterday. It is pretty much a laptop running Chrome. I'm not sure what else I really expected...

Windows Update

38 of 101, and I only started 2 hours ago...

Little lizard at lunch

This little guy came out in font of me while I was walking around campus

A bit of spring cleaning

It might not have been a good idea doing this while I was a little sick as things were heavy, but it turned out ok

Door knocking

Just had an interesting visitor knock on our door.

Night photos

This image didn't post last night from my parents place

Nerding it up

At Erindale Library

Old King James Bibles

St Marks had some old Bibles on display such as a 1613 and 1616 edition if the KJV. For some reason their 1611 first edition wasn't out...

Early at Engage11

Last night we got there so early we help them put together their chess set, but we did also get the second row.

Very fancy

The place in Wentworth Falls is quite good. It even has a tennis court and pool table.

Engage tickets arrived

Looking forward to see John Piper in August with a few friends.

Finished painting

We finished painting today. It came up pretty good.

Some evidence of painting

Even in the kitchen

Leaving soon

Waiting at Melbourne airport

Melbourne Zoo

We spent a day at the zoo. Way bigger than the ACT zoo and I took about 470 photos on our new camera.

New camera

We bought a Canon 600D

Bridge Road shopping

It was raining, now the sun is out.


I picked up a beanie. Some people thought I was a tourist, others thought I worked there.


It is a little overcast

Going nowhere

On the way to Melbourne and the petrol station we stopped at just got a blackout...

Halfway to Melbourne

Just had breakfast

LANberra 2011

Some people aren't here yet

You don't really see this kind of thing

A parent from the class next door to my wife's made this "cake" out of 50 nappies...

Just Finished

Another Chesterton book and a chocolate croissant.

Sunday reading

A hot chocolate, a neenish tart and G.K. Chesterton - a good way to spend a Sunday.

Two more books

To go on the "to read" pile.

Little kitten

My brother-in-laws little kitten he found a few weeks ago.

Redecorated birdcage

I nearly scared them to death while putting new sticks in their cage. They are still scared, but at least they are quiet.

Matching PJ's

A friend of ours made us matching PJ's

Two down none to go

Now that I have no more essays due, I should really tidy the study...

A series of notes

This afternoon I was greeted by a series of notes around the house encouraging me to do my essays. These are just three of them.

Renewed veggie garden

We cleaned up our overgrown veggie garden