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Showing posts from June, 2011

You don't really see this kind of thing

A parent from the class next door to my wife's made this "cake" out of 50 nappies...

Just Finished

Another Chesterton book and a chocolate croissant.

Sunday reading

A hot chocolate, a neenish tart and G.K. Chesterton - a good way to spend a Sunday.

Two more books

To go on the "to read" pile.

Little kitten

My brother-in-laws little kitten he found a few weeks ago.

Redecorated birdcage

I nearly scared them to death while putting new sticks in their cage. They are still scared, but at least they are quiet.

Matching PJ's

A friend of ours made us matching PJ's

Two down none to go

Now that I have no more essays due, I should really tidy the study...