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Showing posts from July, 2011

Engage tickets arrived

Looking forward to see John Piper in August with a few friends.

Finished painting

We finished painting today. It came up pretty good.

Some evidence of painting

Even in the kitchen

Leaving soon

Waiting at Melbourne airport

Melbourne Zoo

We spent a day at the zoo. Way bigger than the ACT zoo and I took about 470 photos on our new camera.

New camera

We bought a Canon 600D

Bridge Road shopping

It was raining, now the sun is out.


I picked up a beanie. Some people thought I was a tourist, others thought I worked there.


It is a little overcast

Going nowhere

On the way to Melbourne and the petrol station we stopped at just got a blackout...

Halfway to Melbourne

Just had breakfast

LANberra 2011

Some people aren't here yet