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Showing posts from May, 2011

A series of notes

This afternoon I was greeted by a series of notes around the house encouraging me to do my essays. These are just three of them.

Renewed veggie garden

We cleaned up our overgrown veggie garden

Two essays

I sure know how to spend my weekend... (both aren't finished yet, they are both due on Friday)

Don't drink Parliament House

How many people kept drinking from the fountain water at Parliament House that they had to put this sign up?

Underwear in my tree

I don't know what the neighbors (or the local birds) have been up to, nor do I want to know how this got up there

Trivia night

I went to (and spoke at) a trivia night. Believe or not my team won (I wasn't that much help, and 2nd place actually won the medal in the photo)

Bike & car accident

Happened about 10 cars in front of me. Later there was a ute stopped with just one bike on their tralier. Not sure if they dropped one